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Bvlgari BV6086B

Availaibility Sold out
Manufacturer Bvlgari

Bvlgari BV6086B

These are brand new, authentic designer ladies Bvlgari sunglasses. Stay home and wait for your new Bvlgari sunglasses arrive in the mail. Save money with convenience!
Most of sunglasses from Bvlgari can be fitted into custom prescription lenses. Order frames and lenses to save even more time and hassle.
  • Model # Bvlgari BV6086B
  • Collection: These ladies Bvlgari sunglasses were initially released in 2016
  • Availability for Bulgari 6086B: Sold out
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These designer ladies Bvlgari sunglasses are model and color code:

Bvlgari BV6086B 239 6G

Model name and number: Bvlgari BV6086B
Color number: 239 6G
For most of glasses color and model numbers can be found on the inside of the rim.
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Product Details
  • Frame material: Metal
  • Rim type: Full Rim
  • PALE GOLD POLARIZED: Bvlgari BV6086B 278 T5
  • PINK GOLD GREY: Bvlgari BV6086B 20148G
  • BLACK: Bvlgari BV6086B 239 6G
  • PINK GOLD BROWN: Bvlgari BV6086B 389 5A

60 mm 16 mm 135 mm
Availability Sold out
About Manufacturer Bvlgari, also known as Bulgari is the most luxurious fashion label that manufacturers glasses and sunglasses.
Each collection of Bulgari sunglasses and Bulgari glasses is limited to a few thousand models per set. Once glasses have sold out, they never enter production again.
Bvlgari is a jewelry company, therefore most of Bvlgari glasses and Bvlgari sunglasses contain some crystals, colored gemstones or are made out of precious metals, such as 18K real gold or silver.
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Year These ladies Bvlgari sunglasses were initially released in 2016